Emergent Writing – Write the Room

Emergent writers need opportunities to write with purpose. Yesterday we talked about making an alphabet book. Another activity that many emergent writers enjoy is “writing the room”. There are many ways you can do this….

Emergent Writing – Make Letter Books

Our emerging writers need lots of time to write and be given purposes to write. One great way to give them this opportunity while working on phonological awareness¬†and letter knowledge is the making of a…

Supporting Emergent Writers – Modeling

We have talked about the stages of emergent writers, but how can we best support them? Today I want to share with you the importance of sharing and modeling the purpose and process of writing….

Beginning Writers

As children begin to write, their writing follows several emergent steps. After that we will begin to see actual writing. And as writers develop they will go through predictable steps. The first step a child…

Emergent Writing

If reading and writing are interrelated, we must encourage our children to write. Writing from an early age is important. Between the ages of 1 -5, if children are given the opportunity to write (are…