Returning to Exercise after Being Sick

Friday night my husband and I left my kids home with my mom and went on a date. We had a good time. We did such amazing things like eat dinner and talk without interruption.

Then my engagement ring needed repaired (the center diamond fell out when I was getting one of my children out of the car seat). So we went to the mall and dropped it off at the jewelers. After the jeweler tried to talk my husband into upgrading my diamond (seriously we were engaged just over 4 years ago and really I don’t think I ever will want a different diamond that one is special!).

Then we walked around the mall with all the jr. highers. We wanted to walk and talk. The mall was warm. It worked.

We came home and went to bed and then I woke up sometime in the middle of the night. I didn’t feel well. My brother had the stomach flu a few days before. Over the next few hours it was obvious I had caught the bug.

Somewhere in the middle of this, I remember thinking, I wonder if I will feel well enough to exercise in the morning.

Seriously! Who was that person! Somehow Mutu has turned me into a person who looks forward to exercise because I see results, feel stronger, and feel healthier after every workout.

Also, I know me and I am good at letting life events throw me off my routine. I didn’t want that to happen!

Well needless to say I didn’t feel like getting out of bed on Saturday and didn’t except to nurse my baby. However, I was determined to get back into my normal routine ASAP.

Sunday came around. I got up, got the kids dressed for the day, made some oatmeal and ate it. Then I sat down feeling like I had run a marathon. Later in the day I walked for about 10 minutes, but really that was all the energy I had.

Monday I walked a little more.

Tuesday I went back to my fitness monitor routine of at least 10,000 steps.

This morning I returned to normal activity. I feel great!

Other than thinking about exercise the thing running through my mind was this quote from “The Devil Wears Prada” (I had to look up where it came from).

And I think I’d rather lose weight through exercise and smart food choices next time!