Mutu System in the News – How to heal Diastasis Recti

IMG_3372 mutu

I love this quote from this feature on Mutu recently on the news. I think this is one of the most life changing ideas in the Mutu program.

It seems often in the fitness world if an exercise doesn’t have a desired effect you do more or you do it harder. After following Mutu for awhile I think of this as insanity if we use Einstien’s definition of “doing the same thing over and over and expecting differnet results”.

If 3 miles on my favorite machine didn’t give me the results I wanted maybe 5 will.

If 100 crunches didn’t flatten my stomach maybe 200 will.

And on and on we go.

What I appreciate about Mutu is it is smart. It is designed purposefully and clearly to help restore a woman’s body after having a baby. It isn’t designed to beat the body into submission but rather focuses on areas that are impacted by pregnancy (like the core muscles and pelvic floor) and work to restrengthen them.

I also appreciate that the program provides women with options on how to restore their body.

It recognizes that some women don’t want to sweat but want to have good exercises to help restrengthen their body. That is fine just choose to do the focus.

But it also recognizes that many women want to workout hard but want safe and effective intensive workouts as well as core workouts. So here is the full 12 week program for you.

Whatever your needs are and however far from pregnancy you are, it seems there is a niche in Mutu for you.

I love that Mutu is making appearances on the news because I hope this will encourage women to not do more but to do different! Sometimes exercising smarter not harder is what we need (although there are some hard Mutu workouts!).

So if you have had a child and are struggling to function as you did or feel weak, Mutu may be very beneficial for you!