Places like Home

I have been amazed by the differences between Indiana and Pennsylvania. From the names of grocery stores and gas stations to prices of items (some things a lot more some things a lot less) to the terrain, PA does not look like home.

In addition, we have moved from a city to a small town. The culture of stopping and talking to everyone or waiting in line at the grocery store while the cashier asks about the customer’s grandchildren, is something we will have to get used to.

So in all this it seems nothing is familiar. Nothing is like home.

Then we walked into the library.

Somehow a library is the same whether in Hershey or Indiana.

There are books.

There is a fun and inviting children’s area with fun and inviting toys.

And there are books.

Then we meet the librarians. The fun children’s one who sings and brings out her monkey for story time. The more serious one who runs the older elementary programs and wants to make sure everyone has all the facts they need (she handed me 3 pamphlets on early child literacy to make sure I was providing my children with proper literacy opportunities).

So all in all the library is a great place to go to find something familiar.

And of course one can leave with wonderful books to get lost in. I am currently getting lost in this one.