Postpartum Body Recovery and Mutu

IMG_3372 mutu

I just got through reading several women discussing how to lose weight after pregnancy.

I read …

…. burpees are almost impossible with my c-section stitches.

… I worked out so hard I peed myself.

… I gave birth 10 days ago and I have three binders that I am switching between because they are so uncomfortable I can’t wear one the entire time.

… I gave birth 13 days ago and have myself on a 1,000 calorie diet. Will that make breast feeding impossible?

… should crunches be hurting still? I had a c-section 5 weeks ago and I want to get my flat stomach back.

And I want to encourage them to relax! Your body will recover but it needs some time.

Peeing while exercising is not normal.

Your body needs good nutrition both to recover and to produce milk for your baby!

I have never had a c-section but this is what I know, you have had MAJOR surgery. I think you aren’t supposed to be exercising much at least until you are released at 8 weeks!

And it reminds me again how thankful I am for Mutu.

The program encouraged me to remember to relax and enjoy my baby and sleep. Sleep is necessary for weight loss. It is also necessary for recovery from pregnancy. And finally it is one of those simple joys of life that is rare when there is a new baby around.

The program reminded me that my body had been through major changes. The muscles changed. My pelvic floor was impacted (which is why many women wet themselves). My core muscles were stretched and I began to use them differently. My body needs help recovering. It needs gentled focused movements. I needed to be reminded of how it should function to restore it. It didn’t need to be beat up with burpees and endless exercise but restored through proper, focused exercise.

The program also taught me about how core muscles should function and work together. And how often crunches are an ineffective exercise for core strength.

In order for postpartum healing to occur, sometimes we need to relax and change our exercise to help our body recover.

I am so thankful for all that I have learned while following the Mutu program about my body. I am also thankful for the fitness levels and body recovery that have occurred while following the program.

If you are recovering from pregnancy and delivery and think there may be a better way than tons of burpees and crunches (or hope there is!), I invite you to learn more about Mutu by clicking here.