Teaching Beginning Readers

Teaching beginning readers is so often boring and repetitive as the child reads the same 20 or so words over and over in different orders to make a story that is plain boring! As a first grade teacher I have taught many children to read and would have remarkable stories like. “The cat sat. The cat sat on the hat. The cat sat on mat. The hat is flat” going through my head for days.

Children get bored and many begin to dislike reading during this process. I always tried to intersperse this reading with real books to remind children how fun reading is. When I became a consultant for Usborne Books & More, I couldn’t believe the difference in their phonics program and wondered why more phonics programs aren’t designed like this.

I would encourage you to watch this video to see the difference:

To summarize what this video says, the creators of the phonics program created entire, interesting stories that children read together with a more advanced reader or an adult. The child might only be reading those few repetitive words, but they are built into a complete story, part of which is read by someone else, so that beginning readers can experience the joy of reading while learning to read. I can see these books as being so much more enjoyable and motivating than other readers I have used. I cannot wait to teach someone to read with these books!

In addition, there is a free online reading system that you can use to supplement your current reading activities!

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