Usborne Books for Education

I have come to realize that many people have never heard of Usborne Books & More. As someone who grew up with these books, it has come as a surprise.

However, I have also learned that a few specific groups in the US love them. One of these groups are home school families. As a child I was home schooled so that is probably why I know about them.

There are several curriculum companies that encourage using Usborne books and more as a supplement.

Here are a few educational books available for various categories of learning.

Learning to Read

Very First Reading Set
Ted & Friends

First Reading Set


10 Days to Math Fact Mastery (for addition, subtraction, or multiplication)
Learning wrap ups (I remember being jealous of kids who had these because I just had boring flash cards!).
Illustrated Math Dictionaries (pictures and examples for every math function).
This is Not a Math Book – Project based art work that introduces math concepts and links them to art.


Illustrated Science Dictionaries – from the first science dictionary all the way through Chemistry.
Science Activities / experiments
Why do Tigers have stripes (and other books in the series).

And so many books about animals, and the world!

Social Studies
Geography Encyclopedia
World History
Time Traveler

Variety of subjects
See Inside
Look Inside

And this is a list of home school programs that suggest various Usborne books!


If you are a home school family, part of a mom’s group, teacher, school, or part of a home school co-op and are interested in discussing some ways we can get these books at the most affordable price for your group, please leave me a message!