Our Top Ten Usborne Books & More List

I grew up with Usborne books and I loved them then. Last year I became a consultant with Usborne Books & More and I love them even more as a Mom than I did as child (if that is possible). There are several books that we read everyday – sometimes multiple times a day that have become our favorites.

1. children's Encyclopedia The Usborne Children’s Encyclopedia $15.99

This book is hands down my two year old’s favorite book. Seriously. Yes my two year old brings me the Encyclopedia to read to her. The inside is full of gorgeous pictures and images. There is fun bite size text. AND the Encyclopedia is linked to a website, regularly updated with videos, articles, and activities with more information. This book belongs in every home!

2. Mouse About the House There’s a Mouse About the House $10.99

This book and a similar title, A Squirrel’s Tale, are fun and interactive books. This book has a mouse that goes through slots on each page and follows through the book. Because you move the mouse from left to right it also teaches beginning reading skills like reading the book left to right. This book keeps my children occupied independently for a long time!

3. 0004779_125 Look Inside Your Body $14.99

Affectionately known as, the poop book, in our home (the digestion page may be my 3 year olds favorite page), this book teaches the beginnings of anatomy and body functions. The lift the flaps are sturdy and give great multi level views of body systems. This book is a great introduction to our body. I tried to get my husband to take it to a medical resident white elephant gift exchange as a medical reference help. He didn’t find my idea funny… oh well. The kids and I LOVE the book.

4. 0008690_all_better_125 All Better! $12.99

Do you have a kid who LOVES bandaids? This book is for you! There are 5 animals who hurt themself. Each animal has a bandaid. So your child cleans the owie, kisses it, and puts a bandaid on it. The 5 reusable bandaids can be used over and over. When they lose their stickiness rinse with cold water and they will be as good as new. My kids have made it through 3 doctors appointments in the last month with this book as their sole entertainment (I brought others but they were only interested in this one!).

5. 0001056_lift_the_flap_picture_atlas_125 Lift the Flap Picture Atlas $15.99

An overview of each of the 7 continents with information of natural and man made famous places is the foundation of this gem. Each page also adds how to say hello in several languages and gives an overview of countries on each continent. My husband who gets annoyed with stereotypical portrayals of his home continent of Africa actually approved of its depiction in this book. It is a beautiful introduction to world geography that is fun and engaging.

6. 0008153_aesops_stories_for_little_children_125 Aesop’s STories for Little Children $19.99

Several of Aesop’s stories beautifully told with beautiful illustrations. This book is my 2 year old’s favorite. She loves the animals in each story and the stories are short enough that we can easily read one though usually she likes readin books cover to cover so that’s what we do. Usborne’s collections of stories are some of our favorites and this one is a classic.

7. 0001232_125.jpeg Big Book of Big Animals $14.99

The Big Book series is a fun series with four page fold outs that give you a magnified look at everything from bugs to trains. The Big Book of Big Animals is a particular favorite as we look at large animals that all kids love.

8. 0002475_dan_the_taxi_man_125 Dan the Taxi Man $14.99

A rhythmic book that puts a band together for a show. This book gets us dancing and playing our pretend instruments. Shouts of AGAIN AGAIN meet me everytime I finish reading it. My 3 year old has this one memorized and “reads” it to his sister.

9. 0008164_125.jpeg Secrets of the Rainforest $12.99

This book from our Shine-a -light series is a favorite. Every book in this series is fun because you get a flashlight to read it and shine a light behind the page to find a hidden image. If you love the rainforest this book is perfect for you.

10. illustrated alphabet.jpeg Illustrated Alphabet $19.99

Usborne’s Illustrated Alphabet is a new favorite in our home. Taking us through the zoo with an animal for each letter of the alphabet on a crazy fun filled day, we learn about many unconventional animals and are exposed to great vocabulary throughout. This books is great for pre readers as it helps build phonological awareness.

What is your favorite book? Are you an Usborne Books & More lover?